MultiTrac® Features

Informed Visibility

SourceLink is one of 10 mailers in the country to pilot the USPS’ Informed Visibility initiative.  Informed Visibility uses mail scans and geolocation to provide real-time, and cost-effective access to where exactly your mail is to optimize operational efficiencies and coordinate multichannel campaigns. If you know when your mail is being delivered, you can best time marketing messages to correspond with exact delivery dates.

From pallets to containers to individual pieces, MultiTrac® provides complete visibility into your outbound AND your inbound mailings to help you make better-informed decisions! MultiTrac® is even available in the App Store, so you can track your mail on the go!

Security & Remittance

MultiTrac® offers varying levels of security based on your needs. As a SOC-II Type 2 and PCI-compliant facility, we take security very seriously. We offer a SOAP Web Service API for customers who need data connections to their mail tracking service provider, rather than the web-based reporting that the system provides by default.  

Additionally, MultiTrac® is used by many of our clients to simplify their remediation processes and collection procedures. By monitoring inbound mail through business reply mail, our clients have been able to reduce customer service costs, while at the same time streamlining the remittance process.

The web service API provides comprehensive integration by exposing portions of data and functionality of the MultiTrac® application as usable services. These processes and solutions combine with your own services to meet your business needs.


More and more we are finding that banks, lenders and healthcare clients need proof that they’ve mailed critical documents by a deadline. MultiTrac® serves as statistically valid evidence of delivery accepted by regulators (such as the Center for Medicare Services) – avoiding the headaches that come with verifying delivery dates for time-sensitive or regulated mailings.

SourceLink offers on-site mail tracking on our secure servers, but we can also set up the mail tracking data on your servers using our industry-leading API. If you handle mailing data that cannot leave your facility for one reason or another, our secure API may be a solution for you.

Additionally, for mailers that service other clients, SourceLink offers a “whitelabeled” solution so that your clients can experience your own branded interface.