I recently came across a very interesting post by Dog Food Designs about the impact color has on direct response.
Knowing the behavior of today’s consumer, we have a very limited window to attract the attention of our clients and/or prospects as they quickly scan the communication piece.   Color has a more lasting and meaningful impact on the individual recipient while setting an inviting tone to the piece while building powerful brand equity.  Perhaps most importantly – color allows marketers to highlight the call to action.

By combining the power of color + the power of information we know about our customers and prospects, allows us to solidify a relevant and timely offer that resonates with the recipient.  We also know that printed communication makes a lasting impact on the recipient.  These factors create an amazing sweet spot for fully variable print in full color.  This technology allows marketers to leverage their database components and combine individual characteristics with variable color personalization to create highly customized printed communications that have shown huge increases in response rates and overall campaign ROI.  This is also an amazing platform for testing using full color.

Now more than ever, the ability to communicate on a more personal level is paramount to effective marketing.  As our universe continues to shift, marketers must look more closely at ways to reach individuals with relevant messages that drive additional response and deeper customer relationships.