As part of our yearly series, “Ten Trends to Define Marketing,” we have invited three SourceLink guest authors from different areas of expertise to weigh in on the emerging trends and technology to expect in 2016. Some of these trends are continuations of themes from 2015, and others are totally new – and ones that marketers should be ahead of before their ubiquity. We will update these links as the articles are published on the SourceLink site.
This year’s trends are:

Trend 1: The “Data-Rich Environment”
Trend 2: The Days of Push-Marketing are Over, as Database-Driven Efforts Knock Down Silos
Trend 3: One-to-One Engagement Becomes a Reality for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Trend 4: Location-Based Marketing Gains Sophistication and Wearables Push this Trend
Trend 5: Content-Rich Experiences

Trend 6: More Sophisticated Channel Integration
Trend 7: Online Media Continues to Become More Targeted, and Potentially More Expensive

Trend 8: Next Level “Test and Learn” Methodologies
Trend 9: Direct Marketing Spend Roars Back
Trend 10: Emerging Technologies That Will Move the Needle in 2016

We hope you enjoy this series, and please leave your comments on each individual post!