Customer Experience excellence (I’ll use the term CX from here forward to save your eyes) requires a well-coordinated ecosystem of member-facing interactions and behind the scenes integration of data, processes and technologies that embody your brand and nurture emotional advocacy.

Fundamental to ever more relevant and engaging member facing interactions in support of CX excellence is a rich understanding of your customers – transactional behaviors, pre-transaction patterns, attitudinal or emotional involvement in brand advocacy, and engagement preferences. Customer insights are dependent on meaningful behavioral and attitudinal metrics that can be augmented by data attributes – such as demographics, psychographics, and socioeconomic factors. I am a proponent of using a phased solution approach to elevate from initially using only campaign metrics to more advanced engagement metrics that more accurately depict overall CX and provide the foundation for intelligence-driven relevant offers, contests and other experiential loyalty moments.

A “seamless” CX is dependent on a well-oiled machine/solution behind the scenes. Marketing technologies are inherently critical to both marketing optimization and customer experience, and these factors contribute to a “Marketing Ecosystem,” where campaign elements interact symbiotically with one another. Therefore, your solution must incorporate continuous improvement in program technical functionality to enable heightened engagement and emotional advocacy.

For many organizations, customers attending an “event” is a critical component of marketing strategies for conversion – whether it’s a retail store’s sales event or a bank’s wealth management seminar – CX can be enhanced through “mobile surprise and delight” for event attendees. CX is about layers of experiences that encourage the desired behavior as well as advocating your brand via social channels.

Although less exciting than technology, the need for coordination of processes across stakeholders is inherent to CX excellence. Customer Experience excellence does not operate on a linear path. There is a journey that must take place, where brands and customers engage in a tango of channels, stages of awareness, affinity and loyalty. If you plan ahead for CX excellence, your customers and your shareholders will both be very happy with you.