You want the emails sent to a prospect list to be as engaging as possible. Easier said than done, especially if the list wasn’t organically grown in the first place. So what are you to do? You pretarget.

While retargeting is retroactive, pretargeting is proactive.

Pretargeting works by getting your branded ads in front of the your prospect audience before they receive the first piece of communication from you. This warms your prospects up to your visual brand and message so the ensuing email or direct mail effort is a lot less ‘cold’. This all leads to an increase of engagement and increased ROI.

Take this for example. You’re branching out into a new territory and have modeled out a great prospect list to send your mail piece to. Instead of dropping that mail out of the blue to the unassuming recipients, take a week before the drop to find those same people online and impress your brand message to them.

The goal is not to convert, but rather to plant a seed. We suggest 2-3 impressions per prospect within a week before your mail hits. This ensures that you have the best possible chance of making your direct mail. The low cost of targeted display makes it an indispensable tool to make the most of your campaigns.