You spend thousands, possibly millions, of dollars on your mailings; wouldn’t you sleep better knowing your mailed pieces can communicate with you?

In a world of information, the more you have, the better decisions you can make.  Better decisions lead to better business and we all want a better business.  Some people don’t track their mail; some use USPS Confirm data to gain some understanding of where the mail is – but what do you stand to gain with a full tracking solution?

There is an abundance of information at your fingertips from monitoring your mail that can lead to better business.  Besides the obvious benefit of knowing when your mail piece is being delivered, other benefits include:

  1. Accurately determine response times for an offer
  2. Coordinate multichannel marketing
  3. Clean your database of bad addresses
  4. Reductions of collection costs
  5. Know when your message was received
  6. Improve customer experience
  7. Properly track response rates
  8. Reduce future mailing costs
  9. Monitor supply chain
  10. Time drop shipments for delivery accuracy
  11. Know when responses are being returned
  12. Monitor vendors
  13. Be more efficient at your job
  14. Improved accounting practices
  15. Know your campaign is executed properly

How do you get all these benefits from simple scan data?  You simply need to know how to translate and put the data to work for you. Those are just 15 reasons. What others do you have in mind?

Tom Taylor is SourceLInk’s Vice President of Logistics Solutions. With over 20 years of providing mailing logistics solutions, he’s the go-to guy on all things mail tracking. You can reach Tom at