We can all agree that it is important to take advantage of postage savings, however, it always seems that your mail falls into the mysterious mail processing black hole.

How many times do you Commingle, Co-palletize and Co-mail customer marketing mail with your vendors to drive postage cost down? While it is proven method of reducing postage, it is all too often that your mail seems to fall into a black hole unless you use a mail tracking solution alongside these sorting methods.

While mailers focus on reducing postage cost, it can be more costly to lose accountability of the marketing mail within the Commingle, Co-palletize and Co-mail systems.  A mail tracking service provider works alongside the logistics services company and can provide a solution to ensure accountability with the service provider and with USPS. The ancillary benefits of mail accountability far outweigh the minimal costs involved in implementing mail tracking.

An additional benefit of mail tracking is creating a good proactive measurement tool to manage the data to provide market intelligence. When should I mail? How was my marketing mail response when my customer received the piece on Monday vs. Thursday? These are just a couple of mail tracking questions that can be answered. In addition, mail tracking data can interact with multichannel solutions to alert the mail recipient via email or SMS.

Don’t fall into a black hole when there are opportunities to have your mailings in the light of day.