When running an online marketing campaign to promote traffic to your offer, it is important to follow a standardized workflow from discovery to analysis, in a complete and thoughtful manner. In doing so, you are priming your initial investment to perform well over time and creating a true optimization strategy, where marketing investments are steadily enhanced until maximum performance is achieved.

Digital Marketing Strategy

As you begin to develop your testing strategy, it is essential to assign a baseline timeframe to establish a standard of performance. This will allow your efforts time to perform and provide the initial campaign metrics which will build towards an optimization plan. As the right combination of creative, messaging and strategies are achieved over time, your performance will plateau to its most effective state within that channel. Once this occurs, you will scale your investment as high as you are profitable and maintain until there is drop off, which at that point, your testing re-convenes within this channel, but you are ready to invest in a new channel as well.

Timing of Digital Marketing Campaigns

The time it takes to run a campaign from start to finish is product specific. For example, when deploying a standard email newsletter, the recommended runtime is dictated by the amount of time it takes to fully deliver an email campaign to your intended users. Once the campaign finishes, reporting review time is recommended at 48 hours and then 7 days after. This will give you your initial understanding of campaign performance and then what is considered the final campaign report.

Budget for a Digital Marketing Campaign

Projecting a full spend for any type of ongoing digital marketing campaign can be challenging, especially when taking into consideration and the timing required to lock in yearly budgets. By establishing and enforcing minimum spends, you are enabling a baseline of performance for all initial campaigns. This reshaping of budget allocation is an approach predicated on always running at a budget that will provide enough spend and time to learn and then to reinvest accordingly as you proceed. Ideally, if a campaign is running at a maximum performance model, you would want to increase your budget to multiply its effectiveness. Once you’ve reached your maximum scale, then you are ready to use this approach to invest in another digital channel.

Optimization of your Digital Marketing Plan

A full testing design has an optimization plan with an established timing. Once either human or computer-enhanced collateral reaches their maximum performance potential, the investment is scaled and a new channel can be thoughtfully introduced. When running an online marketing campaign there are critical components requiring adherence.  By fulfilling these dependencies, investment and performance rates will always incorporate significant learnings towards improvement.

The implementation of this methodology will enable the maximum performance of your marketing campaigns. Ultimately, when introducing digital marketing channels into your mix, allow enough money, time and effort to occur in order to learn how to scale your investments profitably.