Working for a direct marketing firm, I may be a bit biased when I say that every major mailer should offer mail tracking services to their clients.  But really, you should. Here are a few reasons why making mail monitoring a regular part of business makes sense.

  1. The Monnneeeyyyyyy. I’ll start out with the obvious. As a mailer or logistics company, a lot of your revenue stream is built on reliably and accurately ensuring your clients’ mail gets delivered. So, it’s a no-brainer to offer mail tracking as one of your core services. When you position mail tracking as a low-cost upgrade to your clients, the additional revenue stream and added accountability for your company gives you a real one-two punch. Most email tracking suites (including our solution, MultiTrac) offer a white-labeling option to allow branded consistency with your clients, and complete visibility for the mail owner and agent, alike.
  2. Added value to your clients. If you can offer mail visibility directly to your clients, not only are you creating an additional revenue stream (see point 1 – the MONNNEEEYYYY), but you are also helping them complete the loop in mail delivery and coordinate other communication or customer support channels. Mail tracking also, allows you to add peace of mind for clients who need to offer delivery verification for any sort of compliance or time-sensitive mailings. Plus, it’s fun to see where the email is over time on the map!
  3. Expanding the number of unique services you offer clients. Mail and communications tracking is generally a separate vendor for most mailers. In fact, only a handful of firms offer a robust email tracking solution to clients as part of their core offerings. Having mail tracking included in your offering not only sets you apart, but also helps with client retention. The more products and services you can offer your clients, the more likely they are to stay with you.

Still not convinced? Watch our short video – “5 Reason you should be tracking your mail” below, for additional insights on the benefits mail tracking can offer you and your clients.