I came across an interesting article from Entrepreneur.com called “5 Ways New Companies Are Capturing the Growing Senior Market” that provided some interesting insights regarding Medicare marketing to the Boomer population.
Below are some highlights of interest with the majority of the article providing data on how seniors are tech-savvy, indicating online and social media should be included in any marketing mix. From a creative standpoint, it points out to avoid “cute” messages and always focusing on the customer experience by staying in touch after purchase.

  • While seniors tend to have practical concerns and a no-nonsense approach to buying, increasingly, they can be just as tech-savvy as Millennials.
  • 41% of Millennials spend more than 15 hours a day online, 51% of Boomers are doing so.
  • Boomers represent about a third of all social media users, and those aged 50 and older spend about $7 billion a year online, with boomers using the Internet as their primary means of comparison shopping.

When developing creative, avoid overly “cute” messages and instead go for a more straightforward approach. Include content including “Reasons why” explanations, realistic messaging, and endorsements from trusted individuals.
You can read the full post here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/282719?utm_campaign=HW18036&utm_source=HW18036_Newsletter_9-22&utm_medium=email#