When you use Landing Pages that are tailored for each channel, you’re delivering the most relevant message to keep the prospects engaged and closer to conversion. Here are some channel-specific landing page tactics that you can integrate into your online marketing.

  1. Paid search landing pages have more opportunity for personalization. You can tailor the customer experience down to keyword, city and other factors to achieve high conversion rates. Your paid search audience just came from something they are researching for, so give it to them. Through options that utilize dynamic keyword and imagery replacement, as well as personalization based on referral source, you can add a deep level of personalization automatically to each user’s experience.
  2. Think big, act small. Making your landing page city-specific, even if you’re advertising state or nationwide, will help differentiate you and provide a sense of locality to the user. 1-800 numbers imply a cube farm of operators, and an implied notion of “this is gonna take a while and it’s not going to be easy.” If you’re trying to drive phone calls and using an 800 number, try testing out a local exchange number and see if your call volume increases. People want to get personal care and attention.
  3. Change your imagery to reflect the local area! Go ahead and swap your hero image of a local landmark! You can use dynamic imagery to make the relative nature of the experience more local, which will lift conversion rates. The added conversion boost is locality and it’s a simple concept.
  4. Remove friction points through a clear roadmap. From top to bottom, a Landing Page moves the user from limited awareness to being solution/product aware to conviction that you are the best option to help them. Follow this sample roadmap:
  • Identify the pain point or problem
  • Offer a solution
  • Explain how it works
  • Who offers the solution
  • Social proof or testimonials

Once you have identified the friction points and have developed how to address them, you can then back those tactics with evidence.

5. Test, test, test. It’s all about scientific method. Although it is possible to test multiple variables at once, you must have a plan of what you will do with the learnings from the combination of variables.  Even more effective is to test individual things(hero image, offer, image placements…) frequently instead of multiple things at once. Test a single variable between pages, use the champion variant, and then move on to testing the next variable. Each test will make your page stronger and more likely to convert.