5 Way Using Color Statements Can Improve The Customer Experience

We all remember playing with kaleidoscopes as kids, right? Turning and twisting the instrument and being amazed at the colorful images that weren’t previously visible. In a way, that’s how many financial institutions now view their customer statements.

  1. Adding color to statements allows customers to see information they may have previously missed—due dates, account balances or deadlines for special offers or promotions. It gives visual clues to readers about what is important or what to do next. It can direct customers to specific sections of your statements or create a sense of urgency around certain messages.
  2. Color also allows you to make statements more meaningful to customers. Highlighting spending categories on year-end credit card dashboards gives customers an opportunity to evaluate their patterns and make informed decisions.
  3. Adding color allows your statements to act as marketing tools. By leveraging your customer data, you can intelligently cross-promote relevant products and services directly on your statements. Color allows you to differentiate those offers from standard statement data so customers see them.
  4. Maybe even more important, your statements reflect your overall brand. Few companies use only black and white in their branding. So, unless you’re Jack Daniels®, Adidas® or Uber®, why would you choose to only use black and white on your statements?
  5. Adding your own colors creates a seamless brand experience for your customers. When they see your statements, it reminds them of the brand promise you are communicating across a variety of other channels.

So, turn the kaleidoscope and see what color can do for your statements!