During the Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP), Medicare marketers only have a short window of time to enroll the majority of their members. For the 2019 AEP, we worked with several Medicare clients on omni-channel campaigns to boost enrollment. With only 68 days to actively market to prospective eligible Medicare members, Medicare plans must use marketing dollars wisely. As one of the country’s leading marketing firms, our focus is to create highly targeted, compelling online and offline campaigns, and bring our clients results.


  • Deliver well-executed marketing plans to help our clients boost enrollment


  • Use predictive modeling to identify the top potential member prospects most likely to respond and enroll
  • Launch campaigns via direct mail, digital advertising and email – all with customized and corresponding micro-sites
  • Optimize efforts throughout the marketing process for maximum impact and conversion


Through utilization of predictive modeling and campaign optimization, SourceLink Medicare clients saw surges well above industry averages.

  • 80.7% Increased Enrollment for Modeled Prospects
  • $123 Average Cost Per Lead
  • 1.19% Overall Response Rate
  • $396 Average Cost Per Acquisition
  • 34% Overall Conversion Rate


The full study is available for download here or at www.sourcelink.com/healthcare.