Did you know it’s not too late to include Caregiver testing in your 2020 AEP?

Over 40 million Americans are currently caring for an aging parent or loved one. Most likely, you have been actively marketing to the individuals that use your Medicare plans, but the Caregivers who support these individuals are often overlooked. Within your AEP marketing strategy, have you been overlooking this 40 million person audience? Our recent webinar featured SourceLink’s VP of Healthcare Insurance Strategy, Gary Stubblefield, and Path Interactive’s Client Director, Matt Perlman, sharing their insights on how marketers can reach this growing segment of the population.

In the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to effectively reach the Caregiver audience
  • Insights into which marketing channels are most effective for this population
  • Tips to utilize data modeling to develop informed and efficient messaging campaigns
  • Digital strategies to engage Caregivers
  • Tactics to help drive new enrollments and improve ROI


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*Sources: Pew Research Center, “Caring for Older Adults”, November 2018