Banks and credit unions are finding it harder to compete for new deposit customers. They are trying to overspend their competitors, while also oversaturating and overwhelming consumers with deposit offers. Our recent webinar, Top Three Secrets of Effective Deposit Acquisition, highlighted the strategies banks need to use in this market to win deposit customers.

The webinar was hosted by subject matter experts: SourceLink’s Dave Funsten, VP of Financial Services Strategy, Donald Bottelsen, Director of Marketing Analytics, and Path Interactive’s Matt Perlman, Client Director. They focused on:

  • Strategies to effectively communicate with deposit prospects turning them into profitable customers
  • Customer Intelligence tips for finding the ideal prospects for your deposit acquisition campaigns
  • Tactics to help expand your market share and improve MROI across all channels (DM, EM, display, social, & search)

To hear the top three secrets for yourself, submit the form below to view the recorded webinar: