Marketers have been pondering this question for quite some time, “Is direct mail still effective?” According to the recent reports released by Marketing Charts*, even in today’s digital age, direct mail still has a seat at the table. They surveyed almost 600 business professionals and found that more than half are finding value in direct mail. 78% found integrated, branded, personalized direct mail to be an effective channel for reaching their target audience. Yet, more marketers are not consistently using direct mail, one of the most effective channels, within their campaign strategies.  Here’s why you should reconsider if you’re one of those marketers.

4 Reasons Why Direct Mail is Effective:

  1. Reach Your Target Audiences
    With direct mail, you have a better chance of reaching your ideal target audience. There is an abundance of customer data out there for you to tap into. Think about what characteristics make up your ideal consumers and use this data to identify your key mailing audience or even an expanded audience based on “look-alike” characteristics. Finding the right audience for your direct mail campaign is the hardest part. Then just sit back and watch as your mailer reaches the mailbox of your targeted group who are more likely to respond.
  2. Pairs Well With Digital Marketing
    A great thing about direct mail is that it works very well on its own, however, when integrated with other channels, the overall multi-channel campaign does even better. For example, sending an email announcing your upcoming sale, then following up with a second touchpoint, a direct mail piece, providing your customers with a coupon for the sale. By using multiple channels in your campaign, you get more impressions and a higher chance of conversions. We’ve seen this work numerous times. By appending emails to a direct mail campaign, a SourceLink client saw a 13% lift in response.
  3. Higher Response Rate
    Direct mail has a proven reach and ROI. Direct mail is seen as being more trusted than a digital message. Consumers email inboxes are cluttered and may disregard an email, but they are more receptive to a mail piece arriving in their physical mailbox. This, in turn, leads to improved results with consumers more inclined to take the next step once you’ve delivered a mailer that is of a topic of interest and resonates with them.
  4. It’s Tangible
    Not only is it a personalized message, but it’s a physical piece that a consumer must interact with. If your mailer is creative and gets people’s attention, then you’re providing your consumer with something that is memorable and helps with brand recall. Plus your mailer will have a better shelf life, compared to messages sent through other channels.

The benefits of direct mail marketing are undeniable. If you’re not using it in combination with your other campaign efforts then you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to maximize your marketing ROI.

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*Marketing Charts. September 18, 2019. Four Points About Direct Mail’s Usage and Effectiveness.