SourceLink, an industry-leading data driven direct marketing agency selected David Funsten, Vice President of Strategy to present, for the third consequent time, at the FISCA MoneyTrends Conference in Miami Beach, Florida.  MoneyTrends is the alternative financial services industry’s only event exploring the traditional cash and digital currency movements, FinTech, PayTech, LendTech and RegTech solutions that advance access by the underserved. The conference will be held at the Fontainebleau Hotel, on October 20-23.

MoneyTrends is produced by FISCA, and FiSCA serves as the financial service center industry’s leading voice on issues that affect its members. More than 1,300 companies nationwide (representing over 7,000 locations) are FISCA members. These members range in size from single-store operators to national, multi-state chains.

Through general sessions, seminars and workshops, the MoneyTrends agenda will explore the movements, challenges and opportunities facing alternative financial service providers, as the industry witnesses these trends and others. On Monday, October 21, at 9:00 am SourceLink’s David Funsten will take the stage and present 2019 Mega Marketing Trend and Go-To Strategies to Address Them. During this session, David will dive into industry trends that directly impact both borrowers and lenders navigating the digital and direct marketing world. He will discuss how financial services marketers must respond to cultural shifts to meet the changing expectations of buyers. To be a part of the MoneyTrends conference, and catch David’s presentation head to

“I am excited to return to FISCA’s MoneyTrends conference, and share some of the new insights and solutions to issues effecting marketers in a quickly changing digital and direct marketing world,” states David. “FISCA produces a great conference and a quality agenda filled with recognized thought-leaders and experts. I look forward to discussing strategies that can increase a company’s competitiveness.” More information on what David will be sharing at the conference can be found here.

David Funsten has been creating and implementing prospect and customer lending marketing programs for over 20 years.  As a Vice President of Strategy at Sourcelink, David is responsible for creating integrated marketing plans for financial clients.  He holds a BS degree in Business Administration from University of Southern California, earned an MBA from Loyola Marymont University, graduating with honors and a certificate in Digital Media Management from Georgetown University.