The millennial market can be a tough nut to crack for marketers, but with the right tactics, they are one of the most receptive generations to the right sort of communications and engagement. Here are three of the best ways to break through the noise and market to millennials:

1. Influencer Marketing – Millennials often seek advice from parents and peers. So developing a content marketing strategy targeting their influencers such as parents, friends, and others, a company can establish an environment of transparency and customer advocacy. It not only encourages people to become brand champions, but also builds brand credibility in search, increases conversion and enhances customer retention.

This includes online customer reviews. Millennials find online customer reviews or user-generated content as important and will seek it out before making a purchase. Ensuring your company emphasizes positive reviews online can go a long way with building trust with Millennials and making them loyal to your brand.

2. Millennials Respond to Print Marketing – Print marketing whether that’s direct mail, inserts, catalogs or others are resonating with millennials. Print has proven to cut through the clutter to a generation that sees multiple advertisements per day across devices.

The Millennial generation overwhelmingly regards mail as more official and more trustworthy than digital communications, and feel mail brings inferred credibility. Make sure print marketing is part of your strategy to reach your millennial audience, and find ways to integrate digital technology – you must present your message where millennials are and they lead with the use of technology – alongside the printed piece to help drive conversion.

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3. Recognize the Role of Contextual Advertising with Millennials – Contrary to the belief that privacy concerns would turn Millennial users off to a brand, there is research suggesting: “If you have the data, why not use it to market to me more effectively.”

In addition to a seamless-connected experience, Millennials want authentic, more memorable, and hyper-personalized experiences. Targeted, relevant, marketing communication has become the expectation for most consumers, and especially for Millennials. Consumers understand that their data is being tracked online and off. Yet, with all this data they are consistently being bombarded with advertising that they cannot relate to, which explains why Millennials view relevant advertising as a must. Harnessing the data available to deliver targeted ads, content, or a personalized experience that doesn’t focus on selling but rather engagement is the key.

Millennials are sure to keep marketers on their toes for years to come and Generation Z is right on their heels. But in the end, they are just people who value brands they can connect with. Focus on minimizing the hard sell, improving customer engagement, delivering an experience that will provide value to them and you are sure to have a breakthrough.