Google’s E-A-T updates are impacting a lot of websites organic traffic, and some companies aren’t aware they were affected. If your company falls into the YMYL category, then the updates made by Google require your attention.

But what is E-A-T and YMYL?

• E-A-T stands for “expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.” It’s one of the thousands of ranking factors google is now reviewing with website content, as well as who creates your content. These new ranking guidelines define what Google expects in terms of website quality.
• YMYL stands for “Your Money, Your Life.” This is a designation Google has placed on company sites, such as financial, legal, medical and shopping sites, because they typically provide advice for important life decisions and therefore attract added scrutiny from Google.

How does Google’s E-A-T update affect you?

• If you fall into the YMYL category, then through Google’s audits they are ensuring the content of your site meets E-A-T standards. If you have good E-A-T, then your site can benefit from higher rankings in organic search results. If you have bad E-A-T, then this can have drastic repercussions and you could be losing tons of user traffic per month.

One of our recent digital webinars hosted by subject matter experts, Dave Funsten, VP of Financial Services Strategy, and Path Interactive’s Lily Ray, SEO Director, provided an in-depth look on E-A-T and why it’s something you should pay attention to. They focused on:

• The importance of Google’s E-A-T search engine optimization (SEO) standards
• A breakdown of E-A-T content factors Google is looking for
• The steps companies can implement to show good E-A-T

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