Marketers stepped into 2020 with a new outlook, but even in this new year, one big challenge for most marketers hasn’t changed: the call to do more with less AND to continue producing remarkable results. Shrinking budgets often means shrinking teams.

However, the word “outsourcing” sometimes creates angst in the minds of companies when they consider offloading projects or programs to a third-party firm.

Some of those fears and concerns may seem valid on the surface:

  1. What if the firm I choose doesn’t live up to expectations? It will be a direct reflection on me. Who has time to research to find the best firm anyway?
  2. Will I really save time by engaging a 3rd party firm? I’ll still have to manage the work they do…and they know nothing about our company. I might as well just do it myself.
  3. Isn’t seeking outside support more expensive? We’re already watching expenses. How can I ask for more budget to do work our team was hired to do?

Before you panic, consider changing your mindset and your vocabulary. What if the word outsourcing became strengthening, complementing, enriching or fortifying? Those words conjure up more positive images and feelings. Of course, making the decision to supplement your marketing team is more than just a game of Words with Friends.

Three benefits of fortifying your marketing

Let’s start with a quick analogy. The Food and Drug Administration says that there are 13 vitamins that the body absolutely needs: vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and the eight B vitamins. While it’s possible for a person to get all those vitamins through daily food intake and a healthy lifestyle, it takes a lot of thought, commitment and knowledge. That’s why in today’s fast-paced world many people choose to supplement their diets with vitamins.

Similarly, marketing is a fast-paced discipline that requires a lot of expertise to function optimally. There are new tools and approaches every day, so it’s virtually impossible for even the best marketing teams to have experts in all areas. Supplementing your team with additional support is like adding a professional vitamin regiment to enrich it.

Now, let’s combat those fears you may have about engaging a marketing partner, one-by-one.

1. Finding the right firm

Yes, it can take time to find the right firm. And, just like vitamins, you should be cautious about chasing the latest headlines for miracle-cure marketing approaches as well. Think about where your team is deficient in expertise or time. Consider the resource problem you’re trying to solve rather than the latest unsolicited email you received from a marketing firm claiming to have the perfect solution (possibly for a problem you don’t even have).

If you approach supplementing your marketing needs as a relationship rather than a one-off solution, you’re more likely to get good advice from a proven partner. Find a firm that can take a holistic view of your marketing goals and recommend the solutions you need, not the latest fads.

2. Saving time

Every relationship or new venture takes a little extra time upfront. Change implies a shift from what you’re used to doing to something different. Good change implies a move to something better.

The key ingredient to ultimately saving you time is the extent to which you are willing to share your goals and strategies with your new partner. Assuming you’ve selected the right partner, there’s no reason to hold back on the details. Share what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t. Give them direct access to the resources they need to work on your behalf. Don’t trust blindly at the start but give your partner some autonomy. You will soon find that the projects on your never-ending to-do list are getting accomplished, and you’re freer to consider the next challenge coming down the road instead of putting out fires.

3. Reducing costs

An experienced full-service marketing agency is up to speed on the latest tactics—from strategy and analytics to direct mail to digital. When you work in partnership on some your marketing initiatives, you typically gain more capabilities than you could ever staff with full-time employees.

You can focus your new partner in strategic areas where you need the most help. And, you can work with your partner to understand the ebbs and flows of your business so they’re ready to provide additional help during the peaks and scale back when volume is lower. Outside partners aren’t distracted by internal projects. They’re dedicated to the portion of your program that needs help and available when you need them.

Make this the year you really can do more with less – and achieve those remarkable results. Supplementing your marketing efforts doesn’t have to be scary and just might provide the strength your team needs.


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