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Age-In / New to Medicare

As people approach age 65, or start planning their retirement, many worry how their lives will change. This includes money available to live on in retirement, health insurance through Medicare, as well as what they are going to do with the extra time.

Insurers need to consistently put themselves in the shoes of those grappling with the above and think from their perspective. What are the core decision points and questions they are asking and how should an insurer effectively reach them? Studies show that once a person picks a plan, it is hard to get them to switch. That is why reaching those turning 65 is pertinent in member retention going forward.

The days of thinking seniors are not online is over. Mobile device use by those in the Baby Boomer generation is surging as consumers are using their smartphones and tablets more and more each day. Increasingly, seniors are embracing digital and mobile communications, and with more and more people using ACA for their health insurance, consumers are shopping for health insurance online – just like they would for a retail purchase.

Not everyone retires as soon as they turn 65. We created a lead nurturing process to help market to those who might be waiting a year or more to retire so your plan will be first of mind when the time comes to choose health insurance.

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