Business Mail Tracking

Mail Campaign Tracking Made Better with MultiTrac®

Plan for unexpected mail delays

Planning for an in-home mail date is one thing, but knowing that your pieces actually arrived—and when—is another. Even with the best-laid plans, things can still go wrong and mail is delayed, which can compromise other steps in the communication process.

Customer acquisition mailings that are delayed can mean a change of plans for grand openings, coupon expirations or even staff planning. Delayed invoices or incoming remittance can present challenges with scheduling customer service specialists for follow up. MultiTrac® gives you control and insight into your mail flow, even when things don’t go as planned.

Gain informed visibility into the mailstream

While the USPS does offer some level of informed visibility into mailing data, it’s not in an easy-to-use, easy-to-view format. Who has time to parse thousands of lines of data?

MultiTrac gives you mail tracking detail in a way that makes it actionable, allowing you to make alternate, better-informed business decisions. From pallets to containers to individual pieces, MultiTrac provides complete and meaningful visibility into your outbound AND your inbound mailings.

“Through the use of MultiTrac, we are able to provide our clients with a higher level of accountability than most of our competitors at an extremely beneficial cost-to-value ratio. ”

— Solutions Architect, Print & Digital Communications Firm

How MultiTrac® works

Benefits of using Mail Tracking for Business:

Reduced mail returns

Mailers can drastically reduce costs wasted on errant mailings by getting automated mail delivery updates. Even if mail is returned, MultiTrac’s integration with the USPS Secure Destruction initiative allows sensitive mail to be shredded and recycled appropriately,

Proof of delivery

Financial and healthcare institutions often require proof of delivery of time-sensitive or regulated mailings. MultiTrac serves as statistically valid evidence of delivery accepted by regulators such as the Center for Medicare Services.

Easy-to-use desktop dashboard

MultiTrac summarizes mailing data in a user-defined dashboard but allows you to drill down when needed. The mobile version (available for Apple and Android), let’s track your mail on the go!

Streamlined remittance process

Use MultiTrac to simplify your remediation process and collection procedures. By monitoring inbound mail through business reply mail, you can reduce customer service costs, while at the same time streamlining the remittance process.

Supports multi-channel campaigns

Combining mail with other touchpoints often increases response rates. MultiTrac helps you time other communications based on when your direct mail arrives. You can use MultiTrac in concert with email, phone and PURL campaigns.

Secure monitoring

SourceLink is a SOC-II Type 2 and PCI-compliant facility that provides varying levels of security. Our MultiTrac tool offers a SOAP Web Service API for customers who need data connections to their mail tracking service provider.

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