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Why One-to-One Marketing Makes Your Bank Better
June 11, 2019

Legendary one-to-one marketing has been the gold standard for years. Back in the old days of banking, relationships were formed in…

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Better Marketing Through Segmentation and Cluster Data Analytics
September 2, 2016

“An intelligent being cannot treat every object it sees as a unique entity unlike anything else in the universe.  It has…

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"Pre-targeting" for Better Email and Direct Mail Communications
July 21, 2016

You want the emails sent to a prospect list to be as engaging as possible. Easier said than done, especially if…

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How much does a mailing list cost?
July 5, 2016

Let’s say you sell high-end golf equipment. There are a lot of other companies that also sell golf equipment. You’ve got…

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What is Customer Experience Marketing and how can it work for you?
May 31, 2016

Customer Experience excellence (I’ll use the term CX from here forward to save your eyes) requires a well-coordinated ecosystem of member-facing…

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BIG Data’s Cousin – “Little Data”
February 8, 2016

Despite the hype surrounding big data, three quarters of North American bankers are dissatisfied with analytics technology, according to research from…

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Irresistible Direct Mail – Data, Digital and Direct!
July 14, 2015

“Cutting edge technology makes mail more powerful than ever!” This is the new USPS tagline promoting advancements in printing and mobile…

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Customer Profiling – Your New Secret Weapon
February 13, 2015

To Know Thy Customer is to Love Thy Customer… I’ve had the good fortune to work with a lot of really…

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Customer Data Hygiene: An Unsung Hero of Marketing ROI?
July 29, 2014

Given that the health and accuracy of customer databases is so critical to the success of our marketing and sales efforts,…

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Three ways data-based marketing is seamlessly integrated into your daily life, and how you can harness it
March 24, 2014

Last night I was watching the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.” For weeks, this show has been popping up…

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