You Can’t Fix What You Don’t See (Campaign Analytics, not Campaign Reporting)
April 17, 2012

You run marketing campaigns. You’re good at it – but it’s time to get better. We all know the routine. You…

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Customer Data Solutions Must Be Easier to Understand than the Problems they’re Solving
March 9, 2012

Throughout my years in marketing and supporting the growth of businesses, I have always wondered how certain solutions and certain technology…

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You Thought You Were Just Getting a Cup of Coke??
February 25, 2012

I recently watched a special about Coca Cola and their new “Freestyle” machine. If you like soda, this might be the…

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What is a Database?
January 11, 2012

Sometimes I take for granted that I’m a complete technophile and have had my fingers immersed in technology since I was…

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Is Big Data a Big Problem?
December 27, 2011

We all know that data is growing, but what are we doing to try to make this data actionable? The social…

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Why should we care so much about data security?
July 12, 2011

As I regularly share with employees there are two main ways I think about this question.   First is being a good…

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