Zoltar Speaks! Seeing into the future and granting your mailing wishes!
October 19, 2015

Believe it or not, I ran into two, count em, TWO “Zoltar” fortune telling machines over the weekend – which reminded…

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Direct Mail Versus Digital Ads
August 3, 2015

The Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) worked with Temple University’s Center for Neural Decision Making to study people’s responses…

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Irresistible Direct Mail – Data, Digital and Direct!
July 14, 2015

“Cutting edge technology makes mail more powerful than ever!” This is the new USPS tagline promoting advancements in printing and mobile…

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The Future of Mail – Three Great (Practical) Ways to use Augmented Reality
July 2, 2015

August 1 will mark the launch of the USPS Emerging Technology Promotion (registration began June 15 and goes through September 30)– and…

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News on USPS Mailing Rates for 2015
March 23, 2015

As you may know, the US Postal Service has proposed new rates for 2015. Behind the scenes, many of the original…

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What are 2015 Postal Rates? New Prices Approved
February 26, 2015

Update: The USPS has approved the proposed price changes that were posed in April by Postal Regulatory Commission. The new rates will…

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What’s the Least Expensive way to Ship Packages? The USPS, FedEx or UPS?
December 4, 2014

As reported by Consumer Reports over the past week, the US Postal Service is leading the pack as a parcel shipping…

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Proposed 2015 USPS Promotions Calendar
October 10, 2014

Although it is yet to be finalized, the USPS has rolled out a proposed promotions calendar for 2015. These look to…

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Is Door Delivery from the USPS a Thing of the Past??
May 22, 2014

Is Home Delivery From the USPS a Thing of the Past? The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform passed H.R….

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The USPS Goes All in on Technology!
May 7, 2014

A coworker dropped by my desk the other day with an interesting new piece from the US Postal Service. This year’s…

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