Checking and Deposit Acquisition

Bank Checking Acquisition Marketing

SourceLink is the nation’s premier checking acquisition partner. Our approach averages over 30% market share growth, with over 100 targeting models specific to geographic footprints across the country. What sets our approach apart is 30+ years of industry experience, and a rich background in developing customer intelligence solutions tailored for financial institutions.

The approach is rooted in data intelligence enhanced by a cross-channel media strategy that identifies prospects when they are most likely to convert. Through segmentation modeling, you find the best prospects scored by propensity to convert, and then are able to deploy campaigns across direct mail, email, display, landing pages and promotional offer tracking. Another defining characteristic for SourceLink is our ability to meet all of your needs under one roof.

SourceLink’s acquisition platform is GAIN, and this turnkey solution allows you to isolate competitor market share, measure your own market penetration, and determine the depth of customer relationships. GAIN is fine-tuned to optimize marketing ROI at the branch level, and identify campaign adjustments that apply to each unique geo-footprint of branch locations.

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