Customer Communications Solutions

Build your brand with every communication

Every time you communicate with customers, you leave an impression that can either help or detract from your brand. Whether it’s a monthly statement, contract renewal or marketing campaign piece, you can show customers that you understand them and are prepared to meet their exact needs. By leveraging data about them, you can also respect the way they want to engage with you by tailoring messages for print or digital delivery.


Manage critical communications

We help you manage all mandated communications, from monthly statements (whether printed or electronic) to unplanned alerts and offer you important business value.

  • One-stop shop – you can create, print, manage and send communications all from a single source.
  • Printing powerhouse – we can print and mail virtually any kind of piece, regardless of format, with quick turnarounds.
  • Lower cost – our platform pays for itself with the savings you’ll realize in quicker delivery and a reduction in postage through the use of e-statements

The SourceLink team is well-versed in regulatory requirements and can react to quick timelines for sensitive notifications including:

    • Statements and invoices
    • Recall notices
    • Adverse action notices
    • Collections and late notices
    • Privacy notices and term changes
    • Renewals and service contracts
    • Merger and acquisition communications
    • Customer notifications
    • Any other critical or required communication


Manage cross-sell opportunities

Even routine communications present opportunities to further your brand and introduce customers to more ways you can help them.

With SourceLink you can personalize the customer journey and make your cross-sell communications more effective. By leveraging data, you can target specific audiences with individualized offers, even on everyday documents like invoices and statements. Customize your message (and graphics) and communications become more relevant and response rates improve.


How we deliver

Depending on your structure and needs you can choose from a stand-alone single-service model or work with us to implement a full suite of critical customer communications.

Print communications

You’ll benefit from the latest print technology at competitive pricing. Click here to learn more about our full-service print communications services.

    • High-speed color printing
    • Variable data
    • Intelligent inserting technology
    • Statement redesign
    • Data services that include the ability to archive and access historical data
    • Three redundant production facilities

Plus, we can make sure your pieces arrive on time, to the right recipients. Click here to learn more about our MultiTrac® mail tracking capabilities.

Digital communications

Digital delivery often gives you an economical way to send your communications – and many of today’s customers prefer it. Our digital group can help you implement today’s digital communications with ease.

    • Build in interactive components on e-statements, improving the customer experience
    • Turn everyday communications into trans-promotional opportunities.
    • Send SMS messages with payment reminders.
    • Add charts, graphics and other images to enhance message delivery.


Our Customer Communication Management (CCM), Customer Engagement Platform, is a full-suite solution that pulls together customer communications in a coordinated fashion to let you communicate seamlessly across all channels.

CCM allows you to personalize the customer journey by composing and delivering all communications based on a 360-degree view of your customers from a single tool. Allowing customers to select the channel in which they receive your information gives them freedom of choice and helps reduce customer service calls.

With CCM you can also implement rules-based triggers that customize content and offers, enhancing the effectiveness of cross-sell and communications. Click to learn more about CCM.


Enhance customer data for better targeting

Effective communication starts with great data. Our proprietary consumer database, accuLink®, contains trigger and event data – like marital status, ethnicity, new child data, household net worth changes and recent “empty nester” status – to build more intelligent models and ensure you’re not missing a single opportunity.

accuLink® data spans multiple industries, including healthcare and financial services. It accesses 270 million individual records and includes over 30 newly modeled list selections, with information on products and services buying behavior, cell phone service providers and other variables that can translate to higher response rates and a greater understanding of your customer. Click to learn more about accuLink.

“We are excited that we’ve been able to partner with a vendor who could not only leverage their printing and mailing experience, but one who is forward-looking enough to offer us additional cost savings strategies down the road.”

— Bob Leventry – Director, Butler County Water & Sewer Department

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