Customer Intelligence

Turn prospect intuition into actionable customer insights

Most organizations thrive by creating just the right mix of happy, profitable customers and a healthy pipeline of prospective ones. So, if you could paint a clear picture of your best customer, wouldn’t it be easier to find more like him or her?

However, you may face a problem many organizations do: You have plenty of customer data, but it isn’t easy to access and leverage to gain meaningful insights. Data without actionable insights is just plain data.

But don’t worry, we have a solution.

Remove data roadblocks

Our Customer Intelligence Solution Suite allows you to better manage the world of customer data by consolidating data from multiple sources and eliminating redundancy.

We also help you cleanse and standardize data to ensure it meets evolving privacy regulations.

And if you don’t have enough data, we can help by appending it with over 2,700 variables from our accuLink® national consumer database to enrich the view of your clients.

Gain customer intelligence through analytics

Once your data barriers have been eliminated, SourceLink’s Customer Intelligence Solution Suite uses intelligent predictive modeling to help you leverage what you know about your existing customer base to find new customers.

We help you paint a 360º view of your ideal customer, then apply statistical modeling and analytics to data points to help you discover quality, not just quantity, targets.

When you can focus efforts on targets most likely to respond, you lower your cost of acquisition.

Interested in learning more about Customer Intelligence? Check out specific solution sets at the bottom of the page or fill out the form below and we’ll get the conversation started.


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