Data Management and Hygiene

Over the years we have partnered with multiple data providers including Fiserv, White Clark Group, Jack Henry, GoldPoint Systems, and more. Our client service and data teams make your life easier by removing obstacles to onboarding success. We take the time to become familiar with the unique details and nuances of your data so we can build the optimal custom solution. Data validation is put in place to prevent potential interferences to successful processing – such as duplicate files, missing data, and unexpected data formatting.

Our knowledge of your specific data files allows us to facilitate any changes or improvements you want to make. We have the tools and abilities to implement your desired modifications, from a minor verbiage update to a complete redesign. We understand that our clients may need to make quick adjustments to adhere to new compliance regulations or desire a new format for a more aesthetically pleasing look and feel.

Postal Optimization

For many mailers, the number one cost of doing business is postage. Alleviating any sort of excess cost is a top priority for mailers, and is a top priority for SourceLink. All mailings are prepared to obtain the maximum postage discount in accordance with the USPS First Class full service automated mail discount structure, and we utilize aggressive presorting functionality, strategic mail consolidators and comingling operations to gain a high percentage of 5-digit entry.

Our 100% mailing process routes all files through the CASS and ACS systems, and presorts for postal savings and speed-to-market. We are equipped with multiple programs and processes to help your mail reach its end destination without being returned for additional processing. We run data through NCOA (National Change of Address) to capture move updates that have been reported to the USPS. These updated addresses can either be changed on the mail piece for you, or sent back in a report so that you can contact the recipients directly to make the update.

We also utilize CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System), which improves the accuracy of addresses to improve deliverability. Through our data hygiene processes, SourceLink is able to validate and provide updated addresses prior to mailing. You can choose to use updated addresses or use this information to get updated customer addresses.  This process ensures statements arrive quickly and without being returned for additional processing.

With redundant facilities and distributive print processes, SourceLink can generate additional cost savings, and can account for multiple formats within the same production run. Additionally, capabilities in variable data printing and selective intelligent insertion machinery can integrate messaging that may have been spread amongst several pages or mailings into a single attractive document. We have one of the most stringent 100% mail verification procedures in the industry – and we continue to invest in enhancements to ensure that accuracy remains our strong suit.

Through the Secure Destruction initiative, SourceLink works with mailers to securely dispose of returned mail, and complement address hygiene at the same time. Our automated workflows cycle corrected data back to your mail file, and prevent you from having to deal with disposing of errant mailings. All of these processes lead to postal savings for you, and less time spent dealing with undeliverables.