Our industry expertise, member data modeling, online and offline multi-channel marketing strategies, and targeted creative executions are sure to produce maximum results for you.

As one of the country’s leading marketing firms, our focus is to create highly targeted, compelling online and offline campaigns which reach your audience where they spend their time, resulting in maximum performance levels.

Our S.M.A.R.T. modeling technology, combined with strategic plan development and compelling online and offline creative have led to a significant lift in lead volume and conversions vs. traditional marketing across our portfolio of AEP clients. In addition to helping you increase lead volume and acquire new members, we’re also well known for lowering the cost per lead and cost per new member for your Medicare enrollment programs.

Customer Results from 2020 Annual Election Period (AEP)

It starts with strong relationships

Building strong, trusted client relationships is essential to us. First, we listen, gaining an understanding of the needs and challenges of our clients. Then we become an extension of their team, developing a strong plan of action to meet or exceed their goals.

Prospect identification and acquisition

You want to keep the top of the funnel full and keep new members coming. Whether it’s AEP, Open Enrollment, Age-In or Late to Retire, prospect identification is critical. The competition is greater, the shopping is more intensive, and once they join a plan, members rarely switch. Our acquisition engine combines our proprietary S.M.A.R.T. Modeling technology with industry-best creative in multi-channel campaigns designed specifically for Medicare marketers. We’ll model prospects by county, by household demographic and psycho graphic tendencies, by socioeconomics and consumer expenditures, and by other variables. Then we’ll build awareness prior to campaign efforts and continue through to conversion. Our clients have collectively achieved a 70.6% increase in member conversions using our approach.

Improve retention

The challenge is to identify the reasons members dis-enroll and also build profiles and models to identify those who may consider dis-enrolling in the future. This leads to the creation of a multi-channel campaign to retain them as members.

The importance of local

Medicare members are most comfortable with insurers invested in their local community. It’s vital to identify your ideal customers and create campaigns that emphasize the company’s involvement locally. These campaigns strengthen the bond between the brand and the individual.

Medicare Marketers

Through the end of 2016, over 58 million Americans were enrolled in Medicare plans. It pays to understand better what makes your members tick. While consumer-driven healthcare continues to evolve, a vastly different competitive landscape for insurers has taken shape. SourceLink specializes in acquiring new members and retaining them from year to year.

During the Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) you only have 68 days to enroll the majority of your members for the year so how can you make the most of every one? Watch the video below:

Like attracts like so it makes sense to market more to people who “look like” those who have responded to your messaging before. It starts with a list of your ideal prospects – those that are most likely to respond to you and your offer and build a response model of those to target. SourceLink also works with you to communicate with them efficiently and intelligently to provide the leads you need to succeed in AEP. But we do more than just modeling – our services also allow you to directly message those prospects via direct mail, e-mail, social media, mobile and display advertising, both on and offline.

Sometimes AEP doesn’t go as we expect. Unknown competitor activity, election years and more can disrupt the best-laid plans for marketing AEP. So how do you make sure you are prepared for a wrench thrown in your spokes during AEP? Take a look at the video below to learn more:

Whether you need help with AEP, turning 65 or retention marketing, you may find value in the stories below:

Client Case Study: Mid-size Medicare Advantage plan in the Midwest

Mission: Increase new Medicare Advantage membership from previous AEP.

Method: Develop targeted prospect lists, craft personalized messaging, coordinate banner ads and unique microsites.

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