Resellers – Mail Tracking

Offering Mail Tracking to your Clients as a Reseller

How mail tracking can pay for itself

Yes, you can invest in MultiTrac® simply for your own peace of mind and provide it as a value-added service to clients. But, did you know you could offset the cost of the tool by bolting it on to your total service offering?

MultiTrac is available to white label and resell to your clients. Many agencies not only offset the cost of the tool, but also gain additional revenue by reselling it. It’s a win for your clients in terms of insight and actionable data and it’s a win for you!

MultiTrac adds insight and value

MultiTrac is a proactive delivery management tool. It gives you a detailed view into the mailstream so you can anticipate and respond to issues before your client is even aware. The tool helps you proactively resolve issues, whether you manage a single large mailing program or several for multiple clients. MultiTrac aggregates delivery information and gives you more control over:

  • Timing multi-channel touchpoints
  • Streamlining the remittance process
  • Reducing returned mail
  • Providing proof of delivery

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“We have multiple customers who have used MultiTrac, and all of them benefit by knowing when mail is in-home and if there are USPS delivery issues. Customers can assure call centers are properly staffed to support call volume based on actual in-home delivery dates rather than assumptions.”

— Scott S – Owner, Full Service Marketing Company