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Our Philosophy

We are a multichannel, data-driven, direct marketing services company. Illuminated Marketing is our unique method of combining data, design and delivery. It's where science and imagination collide, resulting in the solution. The product is a one-stop, full-service answer to your marketing needs.

What does that mean for you? It's simple: While your business, your market and your needs are complicated and ever-changing, we have the tools, the processes and the people to uncover what's hidden and bring the right solutions to light.

We are a company that you should be proud to work with. Our commitment to diversity, staff training and personal development for our employees makes for a stronger organization and a richer workplace, while our commitment to social responsibility and green practices makes for a better world and a brighter future.

Our People

Strategy + Focus
Don Landrum
Chief Executive Officer


For Don, his professional illuminated moment came when he made his first sale at SourceLink, realizing they had discovered something really good. The births of his children were also considerable moments of illumination for him. Don's 24 years of experience in direct marketing and his leadership and innovation with SourceLink's banking products and services have helped make SourceLink one of the fastest growing companies in the direct marketing industry. Besides his dedication toward helping his clients reach their goals, Don counts family, direct marketing, college sports, reading and golf among his personal and professional passions.

Don graduated from Mississippi State University with a B.A. in business and industry. He also earned his M.B.A. from Mississippi State.

"Solving client problems never gets old."

Focus + Results
Brent Tartar
Vice President, Sales


Brent was once told by the VP of marketing at a Fortune 100 company that “for a sales guy, you really do know what you are talking about!” This was a stamp of approval he never wants to lose. It's clear that Brent does know what he's talking about, whether he's driving sales, developing client relationships, leading teams or just delivering results. He believes in SourceLink and it shows. His passions are his family, his career, learning, spending time with good friends and sports, particularly horse racing. In fact, Brent once owned a Standardbred racehorse that won the $500,000 Breeders Crown, a two-year-old filly stakes race.

Brent graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a B.S. in marketing.

"I get paid to do what I love."

Finances + Integrity
Phil Hoey
Chief Financial Officer


Phil Hoey is not your average numbers guy. Phil's background working with CNBC, AOL, NBC News & Sports and MSNBC would make you think he'd be more comfortable alongside Al Michaels, announcing an NFL game. Since the CFO never gets the chance to sit at the anchor's desk, Phil has pursued his interest and passion for the marketing services industry in driving industrial growth. Over his career, Phil has held several senior executive roles related to data services, digital marketing and web-based communications, in addition to his roles with the major cable and broadcast television companies.

Phil has nearly 30 years of experience in financial management, and currently lives in Columbus, OH. Despite the regions allegiance to Ohio State, he attended and received a degree in business from The College of William and Mary.

"I’m not just a numbers guy, I have a great deal of passion for this industry and in creating solutions that paint a complete picture."

Objectives + Rewards
Rich Pocock
Vice President, Agency Services


With a career that expands over 25 years, Rich still relishes learning something new every day, especially from his two sons who are both busy with their own careers and not shy about sharing their thoughts and ideas. He is passionate about his family, making a difference in his endeavors and continuing to grow in his professional and personal life. That passion extends to playing the drums, which he's done since the age of 14. He is thankful that he discovered direct marketing, and feels very fortunate to work at something he truly enjoys. He loves seeing the results from a campaign, learning from what works and what doesn't, collaborating with clients to accomplish a common goal, participating in idea creation and mentoring others.

Rich received his B.A. from Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA. He has served on the Financial Services Council of the DMA and has written numerous articles for DM News and other industry publications.

"The greatest aspect of direct marketing is its ever-changing landscape. That makes business and life more interesting and exciting."

Contagious + Enthusiasm
Bob Nesbit
President, SourceLink Ohio


Robert "Bob" Nesbit has a business passion for the mail communication industry where he has the opportunity to share his excitement and enthusiasm with clients developing collaborative solutions that provide high return on investments, ultimately creating long lasting partnerships.

Bob understands the value of developing a strong, results-driven team.  He takes pleasure in leading his team to achieve goals once thought unattainable.  Bob is a highly competitive and believes failure is not an option which has led to several successful company turnarounds.  He has the proven abilities to increase both sales and profitability at double digit rates in both private and publicly held enterprises.

Bob’s personal passions in life includes family, travel, working on his hobby farm which includes gardening ,driving his John Deere tractor,  raising a herd of 40 chickens and  a rooster, named “Lucky”. 

Bob received his undergraduate degree from Case Western Reserve University and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

"What I love most about my job is the opportunity to have fun working with my team to exceed our customer’s expectations."

Collaboration + Customization
Dan Jackson
President, SourceLink South Carolina


With Dan's 20-plus years of experience in software, printing, direct mail production and digital imaging, he oversees all aspects of SourceLink's direct marketing solutions. His professional illuminated moment happened when he realized that all aspects of processing and reporting on transactional document outsourcing jobs could be both customized and automated. For Dan, that passion for efficiency and performance joins his personal passions of family, the outdoors, music, his dogs and sports.

Dan earned a B.S. in business and marketing from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

"I love to hear clients say, 'We don't even think about it, we just know it will get done."

Strategic + Pragmatic
Cindy Randazzo
Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer


Cindy Randazzo serves as SourceLink’s Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer. With over 20 years of domestic and international marketing experience, Cindy brings a unique combination of strategy and pragmatism to create value for our clients. She appreciates the convergence of marketing and technology and helps our clients to achieve intelligence-driven marketing from decisioning to marketing accountability.

Cindy’s experience in the Direct Marketing industry includes corporate and divisional strategic marketing positions at Acxiom, May & Speh, Harte-Hanks and SourceLink. Cindy’s marketing achievements include Disney’s Excellence in Marketing award for developing and market testing a repositioning strategy for the Disney Channel. She is active in several marketing councils and associations: CMO Council, DMA CRM Council, McKinsey Online Executive Panel and MENG.

"Collaborative team energy is realized in inventive, practical strategies that produce desired results for our clients."

Innovation + Transformation
Jim Wisnionski
President Marketing Solutions Group and Corporate CIO


Jim lives by a mantra given to him by his father: “Do what you say you are going to do.” Because of this, he brings commitment to his professional career, as well as his passions, which include spending time with family and friends, audio/video technology, process integration, execution and wine. Winning the Microsoft Pinnacle award was his professional moment of illumination.

Jim received a bachelor of professional studies in organizational leadership at Roosevelt University in Chicago and studied applied computer science at Northern Illinois University. His awards include the Microsoft Pinnacle award in Business Analytics and the Technology Award for innovation from Equipment Leasing Association.

"Technology works because of the right combination of people, process and dedication."


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